Sports Physiotherapy


What is a “Sports Physiotherapist”?

“Sports Physiotherapy” is a sub-specialty of Physiotherapy that is focussed on the treatment and prevention of primarily musculoskeletal injuries that primarily occur on the sports field.

While most people most often think this is specific to professional sport, it often refers to the weekend warrior athlete who injure themselves playing casual tennis, going for a run or injuring themselves in the garden.

Of course, we see all kinds of sports injuries at our sunshine coast physiotherapy clinic from professional athletes, weekend warriors or budding green thumbs in the garden!

Who should see a Sports Physiotherapist?

Anyone who has any type of musculoskeletal injury (muscle, joint, ligament etc) would be suitable to see a Sports Physiotherapist.  Examples of these are:

  • A sprained ankle
  • A knee injury, torn ligament (ACL, meniscus, collateral ligaments etc).
  • Injuries to the back and neck.
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Work place injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Wrist injuries.
  • Basically any injury to soft tissue you can imagine!

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