What to expect

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Initial Consultation

What to expect during your first visit to our Sunshine Coast clinic

At your first visit to Absolute Health, you will be welcomed to the clinic by our freindly staff, and asked to fill out our new patient intake forms ragarding your health history. Alternativley, you can print them out by clicking here and bring them along to your visit with you. When you are taken through to the examination room we will take a thorough health history: family, occupational, past medical history, dietary and exercise habits, and previous care received. You will undergo a complete examination including a postural assessment, spinal motion assessment, neurological assessment and orthopaedic assessment. If necessary, we will carry out specialised testing such as a QROM scan, or digital x-rays. Both of these are performed on-site for your convenience. This service allows us to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. Where possible, treatment will take place on the initial visit, however in certain circumstances we must acquire your xray, motion scan or other results before starting a treatment program.

You should expect to be at the clinic for approximately 45 minutes during your initial consultation with either the Chiropractor or Physiotherapist.

Second visit

On your second visit to our Sunshine Coast clinic

You will receive a personalised report of findings. Your care plan will be explained in detail along with recommendations to achieve the best results. If specialised testing such as a QROM scan, digital x-rays or advanced imaging (MRI, CT or ultrasound) was performed at your initial consultation, we should be able to start treatment here.

More serious health issues may require a referral to additional specialists. Your health is always our primary goal.

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