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10 Years


Pregnancy and Paediatrics
Chronic cases
Neurological cases
Chronic Back pain
Headaches and Migraines




Manual Chiropractic techniques
Non-manual techniques
Cranial work
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Nambour Chiropractor Jenna Smith has spent most of her life on a large dairy farm in southwest Victoria with her parents and four older brothers (including our other Chiropractor Matthew). She enjoys playing netball, volleyball and danced competitively for 10 years.

Jenna was introduced to chiropractic as a young child visiting the local chiropractor to have general checks as well as treating specific injuries. Jenna’s family seeks chiropractic for health promotion and disease prevention based care. By attaining chiropractic care through her life Jenna has achieved a level of wellness including more energy, better sleep quality, improved joint mobility and better performance at work and recreational activities. Jenna was inspired to become a Chiropractor; with the dream of influencing other people’s lives the way Chiropractic has hers.

Jenna graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science from the Auckland University of technology then completing a 5-year Bachelor of Chiropractic degree from the world-renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Jenna practices a range of techniques to suit all patients including babies and elderly patients and every one in-between.

Jenna ascertains that ‘if your nervous system is working properly the body is better able to heal itself and perform at its full potential. A healthy spine and nervous system can help anyone at any time in their life regardless of age, condition, and presence of symptoms.

Jenna Smith consults from our Nambour Chiropractic Clinic.

Personal Experience

Jenna Smith has worked in a variety of private allied Health clinics in Queensland. She initially worked in Rockhampton, North Queensland before moving to the Sunshine Coast, which she now calls home and lives here with her husband Sam, and daughter Pippa.

Jenna is trained in all areas of Chiropractic. Se is well trained and has significant experience in all areas including pain management, wellness care, radiology. She uses a variety of manual and non-manual Chiropractic techniques, and works from our Nambour Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic. Jenna has also done significant Post Graduate training in Chiropractic Paediatrics, and she sees a large majority of the children and pregnant mothers in our clinics.

Jenna really enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary team. She finds the ability to work with other Chiropractors with different clinical interest areas and Physiotherapist with their specialised soft tissue and rehabilitation skills a great advantage in getting the best results with his patients. Jenna prides herself on doing the best she can with every patient.

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