Matthew Smith – Chiropractor

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18 Years


Chronic cases
Neurological cases
Chronic Back pain
Headaches and Migraines


Bachelor of Science
Masters of Chiropractic




Manual Chiropractic techniques
Non-manual techniques
Cranial work
Drop Table


Sunshine Coast Chiropractor Matthew Smith has worked on the Sunshine Coast for the past 9 years at our Sunshine Coast Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic located in Mooloolaba and Nambour. Matthew is the co-owner of Absolute Health, and currently consults from both Mooloolaba an Nambour.

Sunshine Coast Chiropractor Matthew Smith was born and raised near Warrnambool in Victoria. Having grown up on a dairy farm and doing typical farming, and boys activities such as riding motorbikes, playing football, tennis, golf (any sport really) it wasn’t long until he needed to be taken to a Chiropractor to have his spine and nervous system checked. This continued for many years until he started getting interested in different medical fields to study as a possible career.

After speaking to his Chiropractor about how Chiropractic uses the bodies own “innate” or natural ability to heal itself, Matthew became very interested in Chiropractic, and dedicated the following 5 years of University to becoming one.

During a 5 year double degree at Macquarie University (Bachelor of Science and Masters in Chiropractic) He was awarded the following awards:

  • The Chiropractors Association of Australia Academic award
  • The Chiropractic Education Australia Clinic Internship award
  • The Chiropractors Association of Australia Graduate of the year award
  • The Vice Chancellors Commendation for academic excellence

Since graduating Macquarie University as a Chiropractor Matthew has worked in Australia for a year and then spent the following 8 years working in Europe in one of the busiest Chiropractic clinics in the United Kingdom before opening Absolute Health in 2011 with his Physiotherapist partner Nicola Suckle.

“I feel that having both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists working together in our Sunshine Coast clinic is a fantastic combination. I have always felt that people seem to believe its Chiropractic Vs Physiotherapy Vs Medicine. In my opinion each discipline (and even practitioner can provide an important contribution to both the short term symptomatic relief of a patient, as well as the long term health and wellness.

Personal Experience

Matthew works from both our Mooloolaba clinic and Nambour Clinics. After graduation in 2003 he has worked in a Gonstead Clinic in Cairns, North Queensland as well as overseas in the UK and Europe for 8 years before setting up Absolute Health.

Matthew has a keen interest in hard to solve neurological and chronic degenerative cases. He has seen many cases of chronic complex “hard to solve” issues and enjoys the challenge.

Matthew also enjoys managing a team of highly trained Chiropractors and Physiotherapists in a multidisciplinary environment in two great locations on the Sunshine Coast.

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